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We empower you to enhance your visual communications through cutting-edge digital signage, wayfinding software, and AI-powered solutions. We are dedicated to creating engaging, user-friendly, and scalable platforms that enable you to master the ever-evolving landscape of modern visual communication technology.

User and Password Management

22Miles AI Command allows for 

  • -Ease of use for adding and removing users
  • -Connecting and Remove any device of your choice 
  • -Easly adding and removing content 
  • Quickly manage and reset password with the click of a few buttons with our conversational ai interface

    – Manage License​
    – Reset Password

Update Software Versions and Licencses

22Miles AI Command provides an effortless way to stay up to date with the latest versions of our cms software.

While also proving assitance with techninal compeents such as api intergration on platforms such as facebook

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