Introducing 22Miles Tradeshow AI: Your Practical Event Management Companion

Custom-trained for your convention, our Tradeshow AI Assistant is an extra set of hands, managing personalized greetings, real-time event updates, and more. Reduce printing costs, streamline communication, bid farewell to long lines, and elevate your guest experience with seamless integration.

Optimize Your Event Management with Our Exclusive, Limited-Time Offer

Introducing our new and exclusive Tradeshow AI Assistant, designed to bring tangible improvements to your event operations.

  • Custom-Trained Specifically for Your Event: Effortlessly guide attendees to booths, speakers, restrooms, and more, optimizing their event navigation experience.
  • Cost-Free for 1 Year: Experience the power of our Tradeshow AI Assistant without impacting your budget.
  • Swift Responses to Attendee Inquiries: Ensure prompt and efficient answers to attendee questions, without intervention from your staff.
  • Post-Show Report: Gain actionable insights into attendee inquiries, support requests, and chatbot usage to grow and scale your events.
  • During Event Support: Benefit from dedicated assistance throughout your event to ensure your new assistant runs smoothly.

Enhance Attendee Experience with our Tradeshow AI Assistant

Harness the power of “22” event staffers and make your event well-known for excellent attendee experience:

  • Seamless Venue Navigation: Help attendees quickly locate booths, meeting and speaker locations, transportation, and more right from their phones.
  • Multilingual Support: Overcome language barriers with our Tradeshow AI Assistant, delivering top-tier customer service in your attendees’ native language.
  • Easy Accessibility: Scan a QR code for quick and effortless engagement with our Tradeshow AI chatbot.

Serving Diverse Sectors with Tailored Solutions

In our commitment to innovation, 22Miles extends its expertise to many sectors, delivering tailored solutions for diverse environments and unique challenges.

– Higher Education
– Workplace
– Healthcare
– Hospitality & Venues
– Government
– Banking
– Transportation
– Mixed-use

Empowering Users with Seamless Digital Experiences

Endless digital possibilities begin with the user experience.

Whether building a wayfinding navigation for a large campus or digital signage for healthcare facilities, 22Miles simple-to-use CMS allows every user to become an instant expert at creating, importing, managing, and customizing immersive and engaging content. Transform ideas into outcomes by easily administering digital signage and interactive wayfinding projects that communicate, inform, and impress.

22Miles: Your Digital Signage, Wayfinding, and AI Solutions Partner

We empower you to enhance your visual communications through cutting-edge digital signage, wayfinding software, and AI-powered solutions. We are dedicated to creating engaging, user-friendly, and scalable platforms that enable you to master the ever-evolving landscape of modern visual communication technology. Reduce printing costs, streamline communication, bid farewell to long lines, and elevate your guest experience with seamless integration.

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